The number one makeup sin is…sleeping with makeup on. What happens to your skin when you fall asleep wearing makeup? If you do sleep with makeup on, it will cause your skin to be dehydrated, dry, sensitive, dull, pores to clog which will result in a breakout. Wearing makeup while sleeping causes your pores to be clogged, then bacteria can form into a breakout. Sleeping with makeup boosts breaking down collagen and put you at risk for free radical damage. When you go to sleep with eye makeup on, it can get into your eyes and cause eye irritation and inflammation.

Sleeping with makeup on causes your skin to age faster and cause premature wrinkles. Sleeping without taking off makeup allows dirt and oils to get trapped on your skin. This causes damage to the skin barrier and leads to aging of the skin.

Life happens and we get busy. We live trying to balance life; work, family, school, activities, meetings etc… When you reach the end of the day and you finally get time to rest and go to sleep. Opps, you forgot to wash your face and do your nightly skincare regimen. You are already half asleep and too tired to get up, when you remember, you forgot to take off your makeup.

It is very important to get into the habit of taking off all makeup before you go to sleep. If you do happen to fall asleep wearing makeup, remove the makeup as soon as you wake up. After cleansing all makeup off use a skin toner to balance your skins pH level. Sleeping with makeup on is a big no, no for keeping your skin healthy and glowing!

You really do not want to get into a habit of sleeping with makeup on. It is worth the effort and the few minutes it takes to cleanse your face and do your nightly skincare regimen. Take five minutes before going to sleep take off all makeup. Use a makeup remover then gentle cleanser to wash off all of the makeup. Eye makeup can be challenging and take a little more effort to get off. Use an oil based makeup remover to break down the remaining stubborn makeup.

You will be reaping the beauty benefits by taking a few minutes at the end of your day to cleanse your face to keep you aging gracefully and beautifully. When you take the extra time and effort investing on your face it will help keep you glowing for years to come.