The beauty industry is a multi billion dollar industry. We are spending money on products that are potentially harmful to you. We do not always think what is in the beauty products we use daily. What are the ingredients the beauty products made with? How are the ingredients in the products affecting our lives? Some of the products you are using might be harmful to you.

The beauty companies do not have to prove their beauty product is safe before that product goes on the market. The FDA does not regulate the beauty industry. It is legal for a beauty product company to put almost anything in a beauty product. The beauty company legally can make any claim, sell the product to you and put a costly price on their product.

Companies use the word natural to use as a marketing tool. Natural is a term used for anything that comes from nature. The product legally does not have to be 100% all natural. This wording can deceive the buyer into thinking all natural is the same as organic. An organic product must meet strict standards to be recognized as organic. If a product is labeled organic it went through regulation to get that certification.

The Europe Union has higher standards for beauty products than the United States standards. European Union law banned over 1,300 potentially harmful chemicals from cosmetics that are suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutations, reproductive harm or birth defects. The United States has only banned about 30 chemical from cosmetics. United States cosmetics are full of chemical banned by the European Union. Hundreds of harmful cosmetic ingredients are allowed to be used in United States but are restricted in Europe. Sadly, Americans are not aware they are absorbing untested and unsafe toxic chemicals.

Are you willing to put a beauty product on your skin that contains toxic ingredients in it? Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. What you apply on your skin can be absorbed into the body through your pores. Think about how nicotine patches and birth control patches work? They are absorbed into your skin. Chemicals used in topical products and cosmetics that can be harmful for your health. We do not know the long term effects these toxic ingredients in beauty products have on your body. It would cost millions of dollars and a lot of time to do extensive testing.

There are some companies that use only clean ingredients and some use synthetic chemicals. There’s many product companies improving on what ingredients they are using in their products. Before you buy a beauty or body product, take a little time to do homework and find out how clean or safe that product is for your skin and health.


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