The Art of Makeup

The Art of Makeup

Doing makeup is an art. There are some people who don’t appreciate the art of makeup. Applying makeup does use artistic abilities and tools. Like a painter or other artists draw, paint, blend, create lines, shade and use symmetry those techniques are use with applying makeup.

Makeup is fun! There are so many creative looks you can do by using makeup. It can be used as a tool to express yourself and express your creativity. Makeup is used to help individuals create a look that adds attractiveness and beauty. Wearing makeup can enhance best features, minimizes flaws and accents natural beauty. Wearing makeup can highlight your natural beautiful features and brings out your best, not always hiding your worst features. Makeup can be used to correct facial features and hide imperfections to give an individual an overall more attractive look. Makeup has positive benefits too, one benefit to wearing makeup is it can be used as a beauty aid to help build up the confidence of an individual.

Using a form of cosmetic and makeup to enhance beauty has been around for many, many centuries. The first known people who used cosmetics and makeup to alter or enhance their attractiveness and beauty were the Egyptians. It has been many centuries since the Egyptians began using products for beauty enhancing. Through the many centuries makeup has changed considerably since the early Egyptians began the beauty enhancements by using makeup.

Makeup enhances the outer beauty. It is not healthy to use makeup that contains harmful chemicals in the ingredients. Whatever you put on your skin could be harming or irritating your skin. Our skin is our largest organ of the body. We need to take care of our skin, it needs to breathe, be nourished and be nurtured. Our skin is like a sponge with many pores that absorbs everything we put on it. It is highly advised to read labels on everything you put on you skin. Your skin will thank you for knowing what chemicals are in your products and in your makeup. All natural, organic products and organic makeup or mineral makeup is the best choice for our skin.

Some individuals do not feel comfortable wearing cosmetics or makeup. For some, they may not of ever worn makeup or used any cosmetics. Some may not like anything on their face, they may not know much about makeup and some like the all natural look. Some individuals do not like makeup and it is okay. Makeup may not be for everyone.

Nude colors are an option for those who are not comfortable wearing bold, bright colors of makeup.

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Some individuals feel plain and feel unattractive leaving the house with a bare face. Cosmetics and makeup can camouflage imperfections, skin conditions and scars on the face that can be embarrassing to some individuals. Wearing cosmetics and makeup can help boost self esteem by helping an individual feel more attractive and beautiful. Plus wearing cosmetics and makeup gives more confidence. A total look from wearing cosmetics and makeup can make you feel more put together and ready to go conquer the day.

It does not matter if you do or do not wear makeup. What matters is you being you. Do what you are comfortable with. Have fun being creative with makeup trying out new, fun looks.