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Is There a Difference Between Moisturizing and Hydration

Yes, there is a difference between a the two; moisturizing and hydration. Both are equally important for maintaining healthy, nourished skin. They are actually two different things, basically water vs. oil.
Hydration = water

Moisture = oil.

Skin Moisturizing

What moisturizers do? Moisturizer creates a seal on the exterior skin surface to lock in moisture and prevents water from evaporating from the skin. They provide hydration by treating dry skin and adding moisture into your skin by preventing water loss and helps the skin to rehydrate.

No matter what skin type you have or skin concerns. The important thing is finding the correct type of moisturizer for your skin type. Moisture can be thought of as the “oils.” It’s a myth, you don’t need moisturizer if you have oily skin. The truth is your skin needs to have of some moisture, to pump out extra oils to try and replenish itself. The correct moisturizing products for your skin type can help dry, flakiness and dullness. Combination or oily skin types can be more balanced. Moisturized skin looks nourished, smooth, bouncy and glowing.

Find a good nourishing moisturizer correct for your skin type and correct your skin concerns; aging, acne, fine lines/wrinkles, oily skin, sensitive/reactive skin.
An all natural moisturizer is best without harsh, harmful chemicals.
Find a moisturizer for your skin type that has benefits to help correct skin concern, along with moisturizing.

Skin Hydration

What hydrators do? They attract water to the skin. It’s not just splashing water onto your skin. Hydrating skincare products adds hydration onto the skin.
Water is important for optimal skin functioning. Trans epidermal water loss is water escaping from the outer skin surface. An impaired skin barrier can cause water loss. The water loss can cause dry, dehydrated, cracked, peeling skin or irritated skin. Cracks from the water loss can cause the skin to feel irritated. Lack of water through water loss can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

All skin types need hydration to look and feel good. They keep skin cells active and plumped skin. Hydration helps to improve and strengthen your skin barrier by adding hydration into your skin. A fabulous hydrating daily serum, Hyaluronic Acid Peptide Firming Serum. This best seller is hydrating from the outer skin surface, deep into the skin layers and strengthening the moisture barrier. 

This Hyaluronic Acid Peptide Firming Serum targets aging, dry and dull skin. Great for oily or combination skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin. Four distinct hyaluronic acids instantly provide targeted hydration to skin’s inner layers and all the way up to the surface, boosting the moisture barrier. Improve your skin by adding this serum to your daily routine.

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